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What is SEO hosting?

SEO hosting is when you host your online marketing efforts across individual IP's from separate class "C" IP ranges.

Is SEO hosting like typical hosting?

Yes - SEO hosting is exactly like regular hosting except you are able to have access to highly diverse IP space to host your websites across.

Are my files backed up?

Yes - We backup files on all our cPanel servers and keep them for the life of the account. If you have a dedicated server there may be an additional fee for backups.

Do you own your own IP space? Or are you a reseller for a different SEO hosting company?

We own our IP space. We do not lease or resell for any other SEO hosting provider.

Is the IP space I buy from you shared with any another SEO hosting client?

No - Unlike other SEO hosting companies, the IP space you receive from SEO Web Hosting is 100% dedicated to you and is not shared in any way with another client.

What type of support do you offer and what are the expected turnaround times?

Email support is available 24/7/365 by one of our highly experienced tech support team members. If you have any support related issues please send an email to and a team member will work to resolve your issue quickly.

How quickly can I get things setup?

The time it takes to get things setup varies. We try have you up and running as soon as possible, but some setups can take 24 hours to complete. If you have any questions about your order or haven't received your Welcome Email after 24 hours, please email

Will I have options to setup different name servers for each of my domains or ips?

Yes, we can give you guidance on how to set up custom name servers for each of your domains.

What tools are available to manage my sites/domains?

We use the industry-standard cPanel control panel, which allows you to easily manage your website files and other features of your website. Each account also includes the Web Host Manager component, which allows you to create separate accounts for each website and assign each one a unique IP address.

Will you migrate my sites to your seo servers?

Every situation is different so please let us know what type of setup you have currently and we'll do our best to help you get things moved over. Typically, cPanel to cPanel migrations are something we can always help with. Please check with our sales person about any associated fees with migrations. If you are an existing client and want to upgrade services there is a fee of $25, or 10% of the new service amount (whichever is higher), to migrate you over to the new services.

When I login after signing up, will I have a different login for each ip / account?

No. Our standard SEO hosting packages come standard with the WHM/cPanel which is designed for hosting multiple IP's. You will have one login to WHM where you can access all your cPanel accounts and IPs from. Once you create cPanel accounts you can login to each separately if you want.

Is there the full complement of services within WHM/cPanel? (email, imap, Softaculous, stats, etc)?

Yes. WHM/cPanel contains all of those features and functionality, including what you get with Softaculous (one click installer for WordPress, etc. available upon request), at no additional charge.

Am I allowed unlimited domains, emails, addon domains, etc.?

Yes. With shared hosting you create 1 cPanel account for each IP and then use addon domains to create multiple domains per IP. With dedicated servers and VPS hosting you can create as many cPanel accounts for each IP as you need.

Can I assign the IP's myself or is a support ticket required?

Yes - You can assign the IP's yourself. When we set up your SEO hosting account initially, all the IP's are allocated and you can find them within a drop-down menu in the control panel. If you need more IP's, just send us an email and we can add additional IP's to your SEO hosting account at any time for an additional cost.

Can I set up an email forwarder for each email that I create?


Is Secure POP and secure SMTP supported?

Yes - Both are supported

Is SFTP supported?

Yes - We will setup SSH account (connecting IP and domain required)

Is secure login to domain account supported?


Can I add additional IP's to my current plan after I sign up for SEO hosting?

Yes - You can add additional IP space at any time after signing up for an additional cost.

What is the load on the shared SEO servers? Can I be ensured reliable performance?

Yes - We are very careful about providing a high quality service and server performance to all of our hosting clients. We know how important server performance is to the success of our clients' businesses.

Do you offer VPS for SEO hosting?

Yes - We do offer virtual private servers for SEO hosting. Please contact SEO hosting sales for a free quote based on your current needs.

Do you offer cloud based hosting solutions for multiple IP hosting?

No at this time. Our VPS offerings are very similar to most cloud offering, but we do not have a true cloud offering at this time.

Do you have a SEO hosting reseller program?

Yes - We only offer our reseller program to qualified partners. Please contact for more information about reselling our SEO hosting services.

Can I resell your SEO hosting services under my own name?

Yes - Once you sign up, you will have access to the tools needed to start reselling our SEO hosting packages using your own web site.

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