Shared SEO Hosting

Unlike other SEO hosts, our shared SEO hosting packages come standard with either shared or dedicated IPs assigned only to you. Our shared SEO hosting plans are hosted on enterprise level hosting infrastructure, so computing power and resources are never an issue in order to maximize page loads speeds. All shared accounts include cPanel.

Get a free domain for a year when you buy any annual shared plan!

Since page load times make a difference in serious SEO campaigns, our Shared IP environment is optimized for speed. Speed, plus a vast array of diverse IPs, will help you spread your web properties out across the Internet.

Use the Slider to Select your Hosting Package.

You are ordering C Class IPs at $1.50 per IP; a total of $30.00 per month

You'll get 20GB of disk space and 120GB of bandwidth

SEO Hosting Plans Per Class C IP Pricing Per Month Disk Space Bandwidth Sign Up
5 C Class IP $1.50 $7.50 5GB 60GB Order Now
10 C Class IP $1.50 $15.00 10GB 80GB Order Now
15 C Class IP $1.50 $22.50 15GB 100GB Order Now
20 C Class IP $1.50 $30.00 20GB 120GB Order Now
25 C Class IP $1.50 $37.50 25GB 140GB Order Now
30 C Class IP $1.50 $45.00 30GB 60GB Order Now
35 C Class IP $1.50 $52.50 35GB 180GB Order Now
40 C Class IP $1.50 $60.00 40GB 200GB Order Now
45 C Class IP $1.50 $67.50 45GB 220GB Order Now
50 C Class IP $1.50 $75.00 50GB 240GB Order Now
55 C Class IP $1.50 $82.50 55GB 260GB Order Now
60 C Class IP $1.50 $90.00 60GB 280GB Order Now
65 C Class IP $1.50 $97.50 65GB 300GB Order Now
70 C Class IP $1.50 $105.00 70GB 320GB Order Now
75 C Class IP $1.50 $112.50 75GB 340GB Order Now
80 C Class IP $1.25 $100.00 80GB 360GB Order Now
85 C Class IP $1.25 $106.25 85GB 380GB Order Now
90 C Class IP $1.25 $112.50 90GB 400GB Order Now
95 C Class IP $1.25 $118.75 95GB 420GB Order Now
100 C Class IP $1.25 $125.00 100GB 440GB Order Now
105 C Class IP $1.25 $131.25 105GB 460GB Order Now
110 C Class IP $1.25 $137.50 110GB 480GB Order Now
115 C Class IP $1.25 $143.75 115GB 500GB Order Now
120 C Class IP $1.25 $150.00 120GB 520GB Order Now
125 C Class IP $1.25 $156.25 125GB 540GB Order Now
130 C Class IP $1.25 $162.50 130GB 560GB Order Now
135 C Class IP $1.25 $168.75 135GB 580GB Order Now
140 C Class IP $1.25 $175.00 140GB 600GB Order Now
145 C Class IP $1.25 $181.25 145GB 620GB Order Now
150 C Class IP $1.25 $187.50 150GB 640GB Order Now
155 C Class IP $1.00 $155.00 155GB 660GB Order Now
160 C Class IP $1.00 $160.00 160GB 680GB Order Now
165 C Class IP $1.00 $165.00 165GB 700GB Order Now
170 C Class IP $1.00 $170.00 170GB 720GB Order Now
175 C Class IP $1.00 $175.00 175GB 740GB Order Now
180 C Class IP $1.00 $180.00 180GB 760GB Order Now
185 C Class IP $1.00 $185.00 185GB 780GB Order Now
190 C Class IP $1.00 $190.00 190GB 800GB Order Now
195 C Class IP $1.00 $195.00 195GB 820GB Order Now
200 C Class IP $1.00 $200.00 200GB 840GB Order Now

The more IPs you order, the better value for money you'll receive! Need a customized solution, more resources, or more IPs? Chat, email or call 877-283-2614.

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24/7/365 Enterprise Technical Support
24/7/365 Support's customer support is unparalleled.

Our expert support staff is available around the clock to answer your questions, and assist you as needed.

No Nonsense

We're not like other hosts

We respect the fact that your time is valuable. Therefore, we will never fill your inbox or clutter your control panel with unnecessary advertisements.

Free Hosting Migrations

Need more storage space, bandwidth, cPanel accounts or IPs? Upgrading to a new hosting plan is easy, and our support team is here to help you around the clock and within minutes.

Simple to Use

Take the hassle out of hosting.

WHM and cPanel access, standard with all Shared Hosting accounts, gives you control over all of your web properties.

No Hidden Limitations

Giving you the flexibility to make your hosting work for you.

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
Daily Backups

Automated daily backups protect your sensitive data, and can be retrieved whenever they are needed.

Automatic Script Installation

The Softaculous script installer allows you to enhance your web properties with applications like message boards, content management systems, ecommerce, and blogs (like WordPress) within minutes.

Traffic Statistics

Find out all you need to know about your visitors.

All shared accounts come equipped with Webalizer and AWStats for accurate web traffic reporting.

Hands On Approach

Our team of experts is one of our biggest advantages, and is one of your biggest assets. From start to finish, our team is working to help provide you with the service you need. Our Sales Team’s job is to help you find the ideal SEO hosting solution for your specific needs. Large customers can take advantage of our free concierge service that provides white glove support and VIP perks. Every customer, big or small, is entitled to free 24/7/365 expert support from our highly trained onsite technical support team.

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