What Is a C-Class IP?

When you sign up with a hosting company, your domain receives an IP address on a web server. An IP address is similar to a postal address because it helps people locate your site on the Internet.

IP addresses are comprised of four different sections, referred to as classes. The classes are given the letters A, B, C, and D. IP addresses are written in the format A.B.C.D. The A Class of any given IP address is the first selection of numbers, while the B Class is the second, etc.

When two IP addresses have different C-Class and D-Class IPs, each address is part of a different C-Class IP. This is important because of search engine optimization. In the past, optimization experts and website owners didn't worry about IPs, instead focusing on the website and its content. But as search technology changed and the technical aspect of optimization became more and more important, SEO experts began to delve into the technical aspects of search engine rankings. Most SEO professionals agree that dedicated IP addresses and C-Class IPs have the potential to affect rank.

What is a C-Block?

A C-Block is when you have two or more C-Class IPs. You can host more than one site on a single C-Class IP.

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